What Can Canadian Business Owners Learn from Nova Scotia’s Hurricane Dorian?

Roughly 80% of the province lost power, putting many commercial businesses and facilities at risk.

Sept 9, 2019

Severe weather conditions such as high winds and heavy rain are known to take down trees and wreak havoc on power lines, leading to major power failures and blackouts – and with the recent Hurricane Dorian, this was no exception.

According to the Canadian Hurricane Centre, the particularly widespread Dorian began as a post-tropical storm in the Atlantic region this past Saturday, with winds reaching speeds of 120 to 150 km an hour, and rain in the 100-200mm ranges.

Over 400,000 without power

As the hurricane swept through the province on Saturday, it was reported that over 400,000 customers lost access to electricity (making up around 80% of the entire region), with power restorations beginning Sunday morning and continuing into the start of the week.

“Any major power blackout such as the one resulted from Hurricane Dorian can’t simply be resolved in a few hours,” says Reuben Siebenga, of T&T Power Group. “It can be a few days until power is fully restored. That’s why it’s critical for businesses to ensure they’re prepared beforehand – namely with a reliable, on-site emergency backup power system.”

It’s no surprise that Canada is experiencing yet another widespread storm.

According to research by Climate Central, there’s been a tenfold increase in major power outages spanning the mid-1980s and the year 2012. In addition to that, the average number of annual weather-related power outages doubled since the year 2003.

There’s no way to predict the next major power failure, but there is a way to prepare.

Any commercial business or industrial facility can suffer major consequences from a power outage if they aren’t prepared with emergency power, such as a diesel or natural gas standby power unit. It’s just smarter and safer to prepare and eliminate the risk of damage to valuable equipment and goods, inconvenience to customers and employees, and a possibly damaged reputation.

Fortunately for businesses of all sizes today, purchasing a standby power unit is more cost-effective and convenient than it’s ever been. In fact, today’s power generators are available to purchase in self-enclosed and packaged containers, pre-commissioned and tested, and including all of the necessary parts for an easy and far less costly installation.

When the next power failure hits, will your commercial facility be equipped to handle it?

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