Generator rental can be a great solution for a number of problems experienced by businesses and government facilities. Rental generators can provide quick fixes in emergency situations or for one-time events. They can also work well as stopgap measures until a more permanent solution is worked out.

Emergency Rental Generator

In this blog, the team at T&T Power Group explores four of the most common situations where a rental generator is required. If you have any questions about the recommendations in this blog, feel free to call us for quotes on generator rentals.

1. Power Outages

If your organization does not own a standby power generation system, but is dependent on power, you may want to consider a rental generator. If you experience persistent issues with power outages, which your current standby system cannot accommodate, then you should also think about a rental generator. It may be that you eventually need to find a permanent or different solution—in the form of a new standby system. In this case, renting a generator is an important but temporary measure.

In other situations, the rental could only be required for certain periods of the year, when power outages are common due to external factors (severe weather, extra strain on the grid, etc.). Maybe you only need to a generator rental to address a specific situation. Whatever the case, our team has a wide selection of rental options. We can help you find the right generator to get your business up and running.

2. Hosting an Event

Hosting an event can put additional strain on your business’ electrical supply. Even if you are operating in your main location, extra appliances or energy-demanding equipment can be an issue. A great example is what many retail stores do on Boxing Day. Losing power on Boxing Day is a risk that retail businesses are unwilling to take, as it could result in a huge loss of profits. Yet Boxing Day is a common time of year for power outages, especially in certain areas. As a result, we have found many businesses will rent generators for this specific day as a precaution.

Hosting an event in a remote location may also call for rental generators. If there is no power supply available on site, a rental generator is a necessity. Even limited power options may necessitate a generator rental. Sound and lighting equipment, air conditioners, or space heaters can be difficult to run in remote areas on simply a home’s regular utility power supply.

3. Keeping a Business Running

Many businesses will have certain periods of the year where they cannot afford to stop working—even for a few hours. One example will be farmers using grain dryers during harvest season. Generator rental can provide a great option for farmers who are experiencing a particularly busy harvest or just need to provide extra power to a distant site.

Other businesses, like manufacturing plants, may need to consider rental generators to ensure their production lines are running around the clock. At T&T Power Group, we offer rental generators with the ability to handle some very demanding load requirements, such as those experienced in the manufacturing industry. We can easily provide rental generators to deal with these types of issues.

4. Planned Shutdowns to Upgrade Electric Substations

Large industrial or commercial organizations will need to periodically upgrade their electric substations, perhaps to meet growing load requirements or to do large-scale maintenance. These upgrades will require a planned shutdown of the substation, but many of the businesses will be unable to stop production for this length of time.

During the planned shutdown, rental generators can provide the ideal solution to the problem of continued production. A rental generator can continue to power the facility for even an extended period, until regular operations are ready to resume.

5. Emergency Preparedness

If your organization is dependent on power, it could be beneficial to have a “Power Outage Plan”. It’s important to consider what you would do during an outage and how you would implement this plan. The first time the power goes out is the wrong time to create a plan! Rental generator placement, cable routing, and electrical connections are all key details to consider in advance. Having a plan for an outage situation will ensure quick connection and business continuity, so you can get back to what you do best.

Additionally, during outages affecting a large number of customers, rental generators are available on a first come first serve basis. T&T offers options to reserve rental generators for these situations at a fraction of the cost of purchasing a permanent standby generator. Call T&T today and we’ll be glad to work through your needs and help to put a plan in place!

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