Many Manitoba Residents Still Waiting for Power

Canadian storms have gotten an early start. Are you prepared?

By: Reuben Siebenga
October 23, 2019

It has now been one week since an early winter storm swept through central and southern Manitoba – and households and businesses are still dealing with the aftermath of this first glimpse of Lady Winter.

For residents and business owners still without power, the situation is becoming increasingly dire. Will these storms and disturbances teach those affected to seek solutions to ensure their energy needs are consistently met, while ensuring they’re equipped and ready for these issues before they happen? Furthermore, how can others learn from these issues and implement a solution before they find themselves in a similar, trying situation?

As crews work tirelessly around the clock to re-establish connected power, it’s evident that there is a lot of work to be done at times like this.

For example; Cory Johnson owns a small auto repair business near Ashern, Manitoba. “It’s a tough, tough situation for small business owners like us, but also farmers,” says Johnson. The Manitoba business owner has unfortunately not only had to close up shop, but also make an emergency trip to Costco for a generator. The challenge for individuals in these areas must be that they are in limbo as the power generation companies try to reconnect them to reliable power. And with another storm forecast for this weekend, what does this mean for the affected communities? How will this further impact people’s lives?

There must be ways for people to stay uninterrupted, keep connected, and carry on without so many disturbances.

As the weather continues to wreak havoc for citizens across our country, people must be asking themselves, “How can I keep my family and investments safe and secure?” Well, if you’re the owner of a residential space, there are options to install a well-packaged unit that utilizes an automatic transfer switch to ensure your power will kick on immediately once power has been lost.

On the other hand, as small business owners and farmers wait patiently in the aftermath of this storm, they can rest assured that there are ways to avoid this from reoccurring. For example, a standby genset can provide relief power in order to keep the lights on, machines running, and productivity high – all while providing peace of mind.

Perhaps taking your energy needs into your own hands is an idea that’s always intrigued you.

If so, prime power can enable you to generate your own electricity, whenever you want and on your own terms – without having to worry about the next storm, flood, power outage or disturbance.

Could you wait for the power to return? Quite possibly. It is only October, and the winter months have yet to really take hold. Will your business pick back up after lines are mended, and poles resurrected? Absolutely, but there will be those long and trying days of catch up. And what are the chances that two storms hit in the same location? Do you want to test Lady Winter to find out? We recommend against it!

With another storm moving on from the Eastern seaboard of the United States, the severity and intensity of weather systems are becoming increasingly dramatic, and solutions are needed in order to keep individuals protected.

Fortunately, you don’t have to be a victim of these severe weather conditions

Talk to our team of power generator experts at T&T Power Group today to learn more about how you can ensure your home, business, farm or facility stays protected when the next storm decides to hit.

Power on!

Manitoba Residents without power


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