Non-Disruptive Engine Selection - The Heart of a Generator Set

What is at the heart of a commercial grade genset? Quick answer - the engine!

by: Kevin James
August 7, 2019

A recent Diesel Progress study reports that 40 different Natural Gas engine manufacturers currently span the globe - with companies like American Honda equipped with horsepower ratings at 1 to MTU at 3487Hp. Then there’s companies like Volvo, Doosan, Weichai, Detroit, Perkins, Man, Cummins, Kubota and Isuzu dominate specific sectors, simply because they are labelled “best in class”.

All engines selected for our T&T generator lineup have risen to that sterling designation; commercial-grade, MOE approved, and workhorse. Furthermore, Siemens has 4 multinational OEMs that carry their product in the 1mWe and above category.

PSI/GM is now carried by 36 different generator manufacturers in North America alone. Volvo Penta recognized the gen-set channel over 40 years ago. Isuzu cuts across multiple channels with a scope of only 11 to 80hp — strongly dominating this sector. Another new combination company is Zenith, which prides itself in segment-driving fuel efficiency.

Many aggregators rightfully “rebrand” the above names, such as T&T Power Group, as well as GNX and GDX Series. However, some have failed - including many big name companies. For example, imagine a car traveling uphill on a 45 degree angle while pulling a trailer - now imagine this vehicle doing this for 4000 hours a year for 25 years. A car engine would last less than one year, which is the engineered life cycle.

While all engines can be rebuilt, it is not uncommon for a car engine to last 4000 hours, and it is quite common for a commercial-grade diesel engine to last 35000 hours before the first rebuild.

While price does impact this selection, the cream always rises to the top. Each gen-set producer has a design scope based on life cycle, agility, and the ability to take tremendous loads in the shortest time frame possible. For T&T, that design life cycle is 40 years.

T&T will continue to choose these engines based on superior design, product longevity, commitment to replacement parts, and a continued investment in commercial-grade industrial product offerings.


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