On November 15th at the Roma Club of Leamington, T&T Power Group held a “Powering Greenhouses 2018” conference that welcomed greenhouse growers from across Southwestern Ontario to come learn about and discuss eco-conscious industry practices and energy efficiencies.

The conference featured presentations by a number of special guest speakers, followed by dinner. Our guest speakers included Loran Novacek, Joris Janssen, John Douglas, Rob Benninger, as well as our company President, Tyler Van Dyke and our very own Dan Rochester.

Loran Novacek
CEO of AeriNOx, Inc in Eaton, Colorado

Loran Novacek presented about the purpose of Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) technology, and why extending this technology into the greenhouse market space would be beneficial. Read the full article about Loran’s presentation here.

CEO of AeriNOx, Inc in Eaton, Colorado, Loran Novacek

Joris Jannsen
Sales Agent of DCL International Inc. in the Netherlands

Joris Janssen traveled all the way from Europe to speak about the advantage of CO2 systems and fertilization in greenhouses, as well as the technology that will allow greenhouse growers to grow more efficient crops.

Read more about Joris’s presentation here.

Sales Agent of DCL International Inc. in the Netherlands, Joris Janssen

John Douglas
CEO of oneGRID Corp.

John Douglas talked about public energy and distributed generation, or distributed/decentralized energy as the future. Distributed or on-site generation is electrical generation and storage executed by grid-connected distributed energy resources (DER).

Read the full article about John’s presentation here.

CEO of oneGRID Corp., John Douglas

Rob Benninger
CEM, REP Business Development Executive at ECNG Energy Group

Rob Benninger talked about the current market of natural gas and electricity, the particular benefit of CHP for greenhouses, as well as some of the impacts the ISO policies are making going forward.

Read the full article about Rob’s presentation here.

CEM, REP Business Development Executive at ECNG Energy Group, Rob Benninger

Dan Rochester
Field Services Manager at T&T Power Group

Dan Rochester spoke about T&T Power Group’s “platform advantage”, which Dan explained is centered around innovation, digitalization, and customization.

He also spoke about the advantages of T&T’s remote monitoring, dashboard, and mapping tools – which were all developed with the goal of collaboration and sharing more information with clients.

Read the full article about Dan’s presentation here.

Field Services Manager at T&T Power Group, Dan Rochester

Tyler Van Dyke
President of T&T Power Group

Tyler Van Dyke presented about the future of energy and the energy pricing problem/solution, as well as providing some information on the history and equipment of both T&T and Siemens. Read the full article about Tyler’s presentation here.

President of T&T Power Group, Tyler Van Dyke

It was truly an honor to have all of our special guest speakers present at Powering Greenhouses 2018. It certainly felt like it was time for us to come together to discuss greenhouse energy efficiencies as we strive toward a greener future, and hope that our guests were able to take away something valuable from all of our speakers.