T&T Power Group’s “Powering Greenhouses 2018” conference welcomed greenhouse growers from across Southwestern Ontario to learn about and discuss eco-conscious industry practices and energy efficiencies.

What We Learned from Dan Rochester at Powering Greenhouses 2018

Among a handful of special guest speakers who presented at the conference was Dan Rochester, Field Services Manager at T&T Power Group. During his presentation, Dan talked about our company’s “platform advantage”, which Dan explained is centered around innovation, digitalization, and customization.

Key Takeaways From Conference

“While we are a service contractor and we send technicians out to the sites and they turn wrenches and do all those things, you’re actually getting much more for your dollar”, said Dan. “You’re basically plugging yourself into the T&T platform.”

Dan went on to provide some examples of what our company has developed in order to add value to our service offerings, and provide both our customers and employees with quicker and improved access to information. “The things we focus on are process efficiency – maximizing the talents of the people we have on staff”, he said. “In-house IT and software development – and that’s a priority for us because it allows us to really capitalize on these value adds to our service offering, and makes us far more flexible in terms of giving our customers exactly what they need.”

Dan also shined some light on the advantages of T&T’s remote monitoring, dashboard, and mapping tools – which were all developed with the goal of collaboration and sharing more information with clients.

“[Remote monitoring is] particularly valuable on continuously operating power generation systems. These systems are maintained based on running hours – so every 2,000 running hours, say, we need to change the oil filters – so having remote monitoring really gives us this insight into when those kinds of things need to happen”, Dan shared. “We also use it for inventory management.”

The dashboard tool, on the other hand, is particularly useful for customers with a lot of smaller standby units over a wider geographic spread as it gives immediate and real-time insight into yearly progress and the status of their program – e.g. how often the site needs to be re-fueled, how many batteries were changed for the year, etc. The mapping tools developed by T&T also give customers another way to visualize the data.

Last, but certainly not least, Dan introduced T&T’s ROI calculator tool that will help clients determine the type of return on investment they would get with a power generation system over time.“The tool incorporates a number of parameters to plug in order to calculate this – such as how much fuel the unit uses, the average load and how many hours per week the unit would expected to be running,” he said.

“[At T&T], we really like to share information and collaborate with people.”

Having our very own Dan Rochester present at Powering Greenhouses 2018 was a real pleasure. As Dan mentioned in his presentation, T&T Power Group would be happy to provide clients with access to these collaborative tools.