T&T Power Group’s “Powering Greenhouses 2018” conference welcomed greenhouse growers from across Southwestern Ontario to learn about and discuss eco-conscious industry practices and energy efficiencies.

What We Learned from Joris Janssen at Powering Greenhouses 2018

Among a handful of special guest presenters who spoke at the conference was Joris Janssen, Sales Agent of DCL International Inc., who traveled all the way from the Netherlands to speak at our event. During his presentation, Joris talked about the advantage of CO2 systems and fertilization in greenhouses - a practice that has already seen widespread adoption in Europe.

Key Takeaways From Conference

“Let’s start with the CO2”, said Joris. “It’s one compound but it has two sides. On the one side, it’s the cause for [climate change], and the other side, you can say it’s the base of all life.”

Joris proceeded to provide an example of a plant that experienced impressive accelerated growth compared to another plant grown without CO2. “[CO2 fertilization], in fact, is used in many, many, greenhouses, to create a better growth of the plant and to have more yield of the greenhouse and a better prediction”, he said.

Joris explained that while CO2 could be deployed into the greenhouse in a number of different ways such as liquid CO2 dosing from a tank, CO2 burners or generators – the most efficient way would be to use a Combined Heat and Power Generator with a CO2 system behind it. “The CO2 could be used in the greenhouse as well as the fertilization,” he said.

He then demonstrated an overview of an SCR system with CO2, containing additional equipment and controls inside. This included a NOx analyzer to measure the NOx level and exhaust gases, which would also calculate how much urea should be injected in order to produce even lower exhaust levels than with a standard SCR system. “We have SCR catalyst and oxidation catalyst to [get it to those] lower levels,” Joris explained.

“[The system] could bring the exhaust down to less than 10 ppm of NO, lower than 6 ppm of NO2…” he said. “It creates a lot of CO2 that can be used in the greenhouses.”

Joris then went on to talk about an application his company has been working on with EMS, their partner in the Netherlands, in order to provide helpful feedback to greenhouse growers employing CO2. “…It calculates what should be done and gives you a feedback of how you should run your greenhouse – e.g. should you dose more C02, should you open your windows, should you put more heat inside, and so on.”

It was a real honor having Joris Janssen come all the way from Europe to speak at Powering Greenhouses 2018. We’re excited for the future of CO2 integration and the technology that will allow greenhouse growers to grow more efficient crops.