T&T Power Group’s “Powering Greenhouses 2018” conference welcomed greenhouse growers from across Southwestern Ontario to learn about and discuss energy industry opportunities and energy efficiencies.

Key takeaways from Tyler Van Dyke at Powering Greenhouses 2018

Among several carefully selected speakers at the conference was T&T Power Group’s President, Tyler Van Dyke.

Tyler presented about the future of energy and the energy pricing problems and solutions, as well as providing some information on the history and equipment of both T&T and Siemens natural gas reciprocating engine products.

Key Takeaways From Conference

“There’s a reason why we’re all here - and that reason is that we have a problem”, Tyler began. “It’s the cost of electricity. We’re all concerned about the cost of electricity, and energy pricing has been soaring”, he said. “The future is most obviously renewable energies, and that’s certainly where everything is headed – but we have to look at bridging that gap. It seems obvious that the bridge will use natural gas power generation in some form or another.”

“I think we’re really just seeing the beginning of the way renewables are going to impact us.” In seeing the transition from fossil fuel power generation to renewables, T&T has developed products designed specifically to work alongside renewable technologies – with a focus on solving issues related to the load transience and power consistency of current renewable solutions.

Tyler went on to explain a bit about the history of T&T Power Group. “[We] started in 1928.Originally we were the group that took care of selling trucks and tractors – and that’s what T&T stands for,” he said. “Ford started releasing the truck and tractors into their existing channel network. We then went on to sell the first case backhoe in Canada, and then we became the John Deere industrial dealer for Ontario; now Nortrax.”

Tyler shared how T&T opened a division called “T&T Diesel Power”, which focused on building generator sets when John Deere was releasing too many engines for the equipment they were producing. “For nearly 40 years we’ve had a group focused on generator sets, and that’s really where we came from,” said Tyler. “[We’re] a group of people focused on one thing: we really like solving problems. We really like working with other people”, Tyler said. “We like seeing projects that really work and that really make sense.”

As for our partner, Siemens, Tyler explained some key qualities that make their company and engines different from others in the market.

“We all know Siemens is this giant global brand”, he said, going on to explain the Siemens structure and their many different divisions. “We’re working with the Siemens Natural Gas Engine Business Unit. They’re really [a research & development] company. That’s sort of the special thing about Siemens – they spend so much money on R&D. They put so much money back into the business.”

Tyler further explained that with Siemens engines, every component is designed to withstand high temps – which is a very important factor considering that a lot of these machines are running for hundreds of thousands of hours. He also mentioned the engines’ capability to run such a wide variety of fuels as being a defining characteristic of their products.

“We have the lowest emissions – and part of that is because we have the slowest speeds. And those slowest speeds lead to the longest engine lifecycle, which is 90,000 hours – and that longer engine lifecycle leads to lower maintenance costs. And at the end of the day, from a capital perspective, we have the lowest price in the market – so it’s pretty exciting,” said Tyler.

It truly is exciting, for all of us here at T&T.

It was an honor to have Tyler present among several other industry experts at Powering Greenhouses 2018. We look forward to holding our next event, where we can continue to learn about and discuss the promising future of efficient power generation.