We’ve got 3 strong reasons why.

An increasing amount of businesses are choosing to transition from their traditional power setup to implementing parallel power generators.

This comes as no surprise, as they’ve become more easily attainable and cost-effective now than ever before thanks to modern advances in technology.

Paralleling allows business owners to run a number of smaller gen-sets together, compared to running one large one. This fortunately allows for easier installation in certain locations like smaller spaces and rooftops, and offers other benefits as well.

In this article, we’ll talk about 3 key reasons why employing parallel generators is a wise choice for your business in Canada:

1. Reliability in redundancy

When you design a system for the implementation of parallel generators, you’ll want to make sure that it can handle the critical load even when one of the generators is not in use. For example, if you have two smaller gen-sets operating in parallel and you have a critical load of 500 kW/h, make sure that one of the two generators can accommodate this load on its own.

With that said, one major advantage of paralleling generators is the redundancy offered in certain situations — of course, when the system is properly designed. If one standby generator doesn’t start up when needed, the other generators can kick in and provide the critical load. In the same way, the standby system can still operate as needed during periods of scheduled maintenance when a gen-set must be taken offline for repairs.

2. Ease and cost-effectiveness of expansion

The electrical demands of a business are typically expected to grow over time – but it can be challenging to predict the exact rate of growth. If projections of power load aren’t high enough, your business could be left without a sufficient backup power generation system – necessitating a costly upgrade that can set your business back.

Running multiple parallel generators allows for gradual expansion – and it’s a lot simpler to add on smaller generators to your existing setup than to replace a generator with a larger one. Another added benefit is that your switchgear will already be secured in your parallel system, saving you this additional investment each upgrade.

3. Lower capital expenditure

Multi-generator paralleling systems are not more costly than traditional standby systems and, from the standpoint of capital expenditure, they represent a smarter investment for the long-term.

The other advantage is that these systems generally use engines that are implemented in on-road truck or industrial applications and produced in high-volume. This means they’re also built with more sophisticated manufacturing technology, making them capable of generating more power for what you’re paying vs. the alternatives. And on top of that, running this system in parallel with the standard utility give companies the opportunity to benefit from interruptible-rate programs (depending on their service provider).

Ready to start implementing parallel generators at your business?

Paralleling your generators can offer truly substantial benefits to your business, including the few we talked about in this blog. Why not switch to a parallel power generation system today?

Contact our T&T Power Group team in Kitchener, Georgetown, Saskatoon or Moncton to learn more about the benefits of parallel generators. We’d be happy to help.

Parallel Generators Support Clean Energy Practices and Agriculture