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Delhi - WasteWater Treatment Plant Upgrades

T&T programmed and commissioned the entire system.


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Municipalities seek wastewater treatment facility advancements. Delhi was no different. Their filtration system was in need of upgrades and with the improvements, the municipality wished to improve the quality of their effluent water supply. Two disc filtration systems were installed in the existing tertiary treatment system.


As our cities grow, and immigrants continue to flock to Canada, there will be a continued need for our waste water to be treated appropriately. Areas will continue to need an effective means to manage water and wastewater facilities. As municipalities schedule planned work, their ability to retrofit their municipal works is greatly increased by the steady stream of civilian property taxes. Their problem lies with getting the appropriate company to deliver the best solution for their growing population.


We designed and installed a complete overhaul of Delhi’s discfilter system. Using the Agua Aerobic Filter Systems, water is manipulated through filters using an engineered technique that creates a backflow through a clothed media. The backflow is created from suspended backflow shoes attached to a traveling bridge. The shoes make firm contact with the filter media, sending the filtered water through the cycle and on to the recipient.

All of these processes have to be monitored. Using arguably the best PLC on the market, made by Allen Bradley, we designed and built their control panels. Besides the HMIs of the SCADA system headquarters, (the computer room) we installed OITs, or Operator Interface Terminals. These can be used in the field. They provide a durable data observatory throughout the plant, and can relay to the PLC. We programmed and commissioned the entire system.


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