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T&T Power Group is the Eastern Canadian Distributor for Siemens Industrial Generators & CHP Units.

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Our Siemens generators are available in natual gas and up to 2MW. 

These highly efficient, low-emission engines are designed for various applications (continuous use, or prime power) and built to last. 

Talk to our engineering team to investigate and learn how to make these units even more efficient by capturing their heat and creating congeneration systems.   

These engines are suitable for a broad range of industrial applications with their long service intervals, easy maintenance and low fuel consumption.

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Data Centers

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Commercial Complexes

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Municipal Facilities

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Food Processing

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Waste Treatment

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Agriculture / Horticulture

How Does CHP Work?

CHP systems don’t need to be industrial giants. T&T provides fully-packaged CHP systems including containerized products, designed around the highly efficient Siemens engines. Individual CHP engine systems range from 300 kWe to 2,000 kWe. Any gas fueled Siemens engine can be custom configured for applications involving heat recovery: greenhouses, district heating, hospitals, data centers, municipal facilities, sewage plants, and more.



Diagram of how CHP works
Engineers calculating the size needed for an Industrial Generator

What Size of Generator do you need?

Sizing your generator is one of the most critical aspects of the purchasing decision.  No matter whether you are going to use your generator for prime, continous, standby or as part of a CHP system, if your new generator can't meet your load requirements, it can be a major issue.  Figuring out the ideal commercial generator size is a complex process. Get in touch with our experienced sales team and we'll size your generators at no cost.  




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Industrial Mobile Rental Fleet?

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Need an industrial rental generator for planned or unplanned outages? No problem.  Our fleet of portable generators includes a range of units for many applications.  We are able to mobilize power for you at anytime (24/7) as quickly as within 90 minutes anywhere in Canada.


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Maintenance and Service Technicians

Need Help?

Our Certified Generator Technicians are available 24/7

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Generator Transfer Switch

What’s a transfer switch?

The Brains Behind Your Power System 

ATS's are the motherboard behind your industrial generator system.  This switch continuously monitors the power coming from your utilities and adjusts the use of the generator accordingly.  The size and complexity of your ATS needs to be customized for your application (Prime, Standby, Continuous)