With electricity prices increasing each year and blackouts becoming more common, securing reliable and affordable power has never been more critical to the success of your greenhouse.

Whether you are a large grower or a small boutique, you can count on us to provide a power generation solution that will exceed your expectations.


T&T Power Group are the Greenhouse Experts

Standby Power

Peak Shaving

Combined Heat & Power

Off Grid

CO2 Recovery

Control Panels

How it Works

Generators are used by greenhouse owners for emergency standby power to keep crops alive when power failures occur, and to power the entire facility 24/7. With heat and carbon dioxide recovery technology a natural gas generator can supply low cost electricity, hot water and CO2 and typically pays for itself within several years.

We will evaluate your facility and deliver a custom solution to protect your crops and save you money.


Case Study

Cannabis Greenhouse

Together with T&T Power Group, a state-of-the-art greenhouse upgraded their operation where they could produce their own power while modernizing their facility, creating electrical redundancy while enabling future expansion possibilities.


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An Introduction to Combined Heat and Power Generators

With so much focus being put on environmental initiatives, it’s important for businesses to understand their options for environmentally-friendly and cost effective power generation.
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Discover the Freedom of Prime Power

The ever-rising utility costs in Ontario have been raising concerns among hydro customers. With the removal of the debt retirement fund and the addition of Global Adjustment fees to our bills, new strategies are needed in order to manage electrical consumption.
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Comparing Electric & Diesel Water Pumps for Farmers

According to Agricultural Resource Management (ARM), farm irrigation pumping takes up 70 to 80% of the total electricity usage on a farm. And today, the majority of irrigated agriculture farmers operate on diesel pumps.
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