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Today’s industrial facilities cannot thrive without an intelligent and effective energy strategy.

While securing reliable, low-cost electricity and implementing best practices in power distribution are leading concerns of the modern Energy Manager, reducing emissions and protecting our environment is also more important than ever. From the utility pole to your assembly line, you can count on us for solutions that will truly make a difference.



T&T Power Group are Industrial Power Experts


Standby Power

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Combined Heat & Power

Peak Shaving


Variable Frequency Drives

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Power Quality Correction

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auto manufacturer

Major Auto Manufacturer

10MW of natural gas fuelled power generation can be dispatched to reduce demand from the grid during peak times. The generators save this Class A manufacturing plant millions in Global Adjustment Fees, as part of the IESO's Industrial Conservation Initiative.


Dorssers Inc.

A need to improve power quality and reliability while still generating on-site power at an economically sensible price.

arctic sands

Arctic Sands Thermal Industries

Designing a VFD Line Sync System for Weil Group Helium Processing that could successfully integrate into an e-house.

Whether you operate a large steel mill or a small manufacturing shop, T&T Power Group will help you optimize your industrial energy systems – keeping your people safe, your plant productive and your business competitive.


  As a major auto manufacturer in Ontario, we are very proud of our relationship with T&T Power Group. We received two generators from T&T, and these are working exceptionally well with the other engines installed within our GA mitigation facility. We are very satisfied with T&T’s quick response to our concerns, as they often arrive within the same day that we reach out to them.

Soleyman Atashbar
Alliston, Ontario

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