Keep Your Buildings Safe, People Comfortable, and Electricity Bills Low.

Apartment Buildings, Condominiums and other multi-residential properties rely on generators to keep critical systems on during a power outage.

We offer a full line of emergency standby power generators, as well as turnkey Combined Heat & Power solutions manufactured right here in Canada.


We Can Power Your Buildings

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Emergency Standby Power

Our Standby Generators are relied on by Property Managers, Building Owners and Condo Boards to provide an automatic transition from the utility to your on-site source whenever an outage occurs.


Combined Heat & Power (CHP, Cogeneration)

CHP generators run continuously to supply low-cost electricity, and waste heat is recovered from the natural gas engine with heat exchangers, providing a free source of useful hot water. These systems reduce dependence on the grid and can pay for themselves within several years.



Case Study

GTA Condominium CHP Retrofit

Condominium complexes sought the capability to produce their own power, and recover the heat from the engines to supply heat to common areas.


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  After 4 months of frustration with other companies, a friend told me about T & T Power Group. They came out to inspect and I received a quote within a week. I quickly agreed to proceed and was given a 3-4 week install date. As scheduled, my unit was installed, tested and ready to go as promised. The unit was even a bit cheaper with a larger output capacity than the other unit quoted to me. Nothing but good things to say about Shane and the rest of the team at T&T.

Gene Beehler

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