Powering Municipalities

Municipalities across Canada are faced with a major challenge: how to protect critical services and infrastructure in the face of increasingly common natural disasters, when budgets are strained to the breaking point?

While the smartest strategy will require some thoughtful planning, a cost effective and efficient energy plan is something that municipalities everywhere should strive to achieve.

To be successful, a great plan needs great partners. T&T Power Group has been there when it mattered most for municipalities across Canada.


Our Power Solutions for Municipalities Include:


Standby Power

Prime Power


Generator Service

Variable Frequency Drives

District Energy

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Public Transportation Provider

A solution utilizing world-class Siemens gas engines, capable of producing 6MW of reliable electricity, while greatly reducing demand charges.

annacis island

Annacis Island

Performing substantial upgrades to an outdated system, and exceeding expectations.


Saskatoon Civic Operations Centre

A number of configurations were investigated, then a decision was made on a parallel standby power solution incorporating 2 x 500 kWe machines.

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  T&T Power Group works with us to service our generators, provides regular maintenance, and conducts our annual load tests. They are prompt and professional and always follow through on solving our problems. It has been a true pleasure working with T&T Power Group.

Bernie Deveaux
City of Ajax

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