Water & Wastewater Treatment

Water/wastewater facilities require complex systems to perform efficiently while also meeting the challenge of rising energy costs.

That’s exactly where T&T Power Group can help. Did you know, for example, that controlling pump speed with a VFD rather than water flow through throttling valves can cut energy use in half with just a 20% reduction in speed?

We’re incredibly proud to serve the people dedicated to providing our communities with clean, reliable drinking water and disposing of wastewater in a safe and sustainable manner. Whether we’re applying the latest VFD technology to reduce your energy costs or installing an Uninterrupted Power Supply system to ensure maximum uptime, we have the solutions, the creativity and the expertise to meet your operational goals.

We offer a wide range of generators, drives, low & medium voltage distribution, MCCs, switchgear, transformers and UPSs, all integrated to work together.


Our power solutions for Water/Wastewater facilities include:


Waste-to-power Generators

Emergency Standby Power

Vacon Variable Frequency Drives

Danfoss Variable Frequency Drives

GE Evolution 9000 MCC

Custom Control Panels

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sylvan lake

Sylvan Lake Wastewater Lift

Creating a highly reliable and highly flexible custom motor control panel solution.

annacis island

Annacis Island

Performing substantial upgrades to an outdated system, and exceeding expectations.


We pride ourselves on our integrity and our responsiveness.
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  The City of Calgary Water Services is very pleased with your product and level of customer service that you have offered us over the past few years, and we will continue to use your services in the foreseeable future.

Roger Kirby
E/I Crews Coordinator, Wastewater Treatment, Water Services

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