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With years of experience designing and integrating MCCs for a variety of industrial applications, we understand both the challenges you face and the high level of performance you expect. Our Motor Control Centres are designed and manufactured to meet the specific needs of your processes and deliver efficient, reliable power control in the environmental conditions they’ll face day every day.

We stand behind every system we build. Our internal quality control system ensures everything that leaves our facilities performs to the highest possible standards, and our consultative approach ensures that our expertise is put to work for you in developing a solution that will exceed your requirements and maximize your productivity.

Evolution Series E9000

The Evolution Series E9000 Motor Control Centre provides a safe, flexible and centralized means to protect and control motors.Since 1948, GE has driven the development of motor control centres, from the first plug-in combination starter to the first fully segregated units to contain fault damage.

This series introduced the first 600A plug-in units and the first snap-in low voltage vertical barriers. Evolution’s 850A Vertical Bus, Snap-In Shelves, Plug-In Feeders to 600A and Plug-In Starters to Size 5 give you more flexibility to move buckets around and add more in the future.

AFM Features

  • Two-position closed-door retractable unit stabs.
  • Automatic operation vertical bus isolation shutter.
  • Stab and Shutter position indicators on unit doors.
  • Padlock for racking screw & stab-breaker interlock.
  • Optional IP20 safety features and incidentalcontact barriers.
  • Stab and Door Interlock.
  • Stab and Unit Interlock.
  • Racking Screw and Disconnect Interlock.
  • Applicable Standards and Guidelines: ICS-18;UL 508, UL 845;IEEE 1683

E9000 with AFM: Even More Protection!

GE’s E9000 Motor Control Centre (MCC) with Arc Flash Mitigation (AFM) units is a new offering for customers and specific applications where additional protection of personnel is essential. The AFM units were designed around lowering the electrical shock hazards for motor control centres.

The new AFM unit design includes optional IP20 devices and incidental contact safety barriers in an effort to prevent accidental contact with energized parts during maintenance.

A New Level of Arc Flash Mitigation.

Safety. Awareness. Ease of Maintenance.


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