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Controlling power flow across your entire facility, and delivering it efficiently and reliably to all of your processes, is no small task. Doing it safely, without loss of power quality and under ever-tightening budgetary constraints is the reality of today’s power system engineer.

Through our partnership with GE Industrial Solutions, we offer a comprehensive suite of switchgear options to help you manage your power circulation safely and efficiently.

GE EntelliGuard TU Trip Unit

GE’s EntelliGuard TU is the trip unit with the built-in flexibility to match your system’s needs – whether for optimum safety, optimum reliability or both at the same time. Whether you’re using all GE circuit breakers or a mixed system of breakers and fusible devices, the EntelliGuard TU will accommodate your needs with minimal compromise and maximum functionality.

The EntelliGuard TU trip unit delivers the industry’s most advanced instantaneous protection without compromising system selectivity.


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