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Kohler Standby Generator Briggs and Stratton Standby Generator Loving couple looking at their dream house
Kohler Briggs & Stratton  Popular Retail Product
(Distributor) (Distributor)  Available at Home Depot
Overview (Based on 20kW)
Warranty 5 Years (Parts/Labour/Travel) 6 Years (Parts/Labour/Travel) 5-Year Limited Warranty 
Fuel Efficiency (Natural Gas) Excellent Very Good  Good
Noise Good  Excellent Very Good 
Enclosure  Plastic Composite Steel Aluminum 
Weight 535 Pounds 484 Pounds 516 Pounds
Price $$$ $$ $
Features & Specs
Engine Brand Kohler Briggs and Stratton Vanguard Company Made
Starting System Propane/Natural Gas Propane/Natural Gas Propane/Natural Gas
Automatic Transfer Switch  Load Sharing  Symphony® II Power Management POWER MANAGEMENT
Remote Monitoring  WIFI Radio Wave (no power needed) Not Available in Canada
Remote Monitoring Costs  None Monthly Fee First Year Free (Monthly Fee)
Rated Watts (NG) 18000 Watts 18000 Watts 18000 Watts
Generac ATS Converter Kit No Yes  N/A
Voltage 120/240 Single-Phase 120/240 Single-Phase 120/240 Single-Phase
Battery  500 CCA 540 CCA 540 CCA
Battery Warmer  Included with T&T Included with T&T Extra
Product Length 48 Inches 50.5 Inches 48 Inches
Product Width 26.2 Inches 32.9 Inches 25 Inches
Product Height 29 Inches 31 Inches 29 Inches