Providing Power Distribution Solutions Through Standard and Custom Switchgear, Components, and Maintenance.

In a power generation unit, the switchgear consists of electrical parts that are purposed to control and protect electrical equipment, including the isolation of circuits from power supplies.

Furthermore, switchgear assembly consists of a number of components responsible for the conducting of power – such as the circuit breakers, switches and fuses that either carry out or interrupt the flow of electrical power.





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  We have dealt with T&T Power Group a couple of times in the past. In each circumstance, they were professional, prompt, and provided the solutions that we were looking for. In one specific situation there was not much information provided to help us move the job forward. When we contacted T&T Power Group they were very responsive, and very solutions oriented. They accommodated our time frame, and consulted us in overcoming some of the road blocks that were present. T&T Power Group are service experts and provide solutions to trying situations.

Julie Bourget
Avant-Garde Construction and Management Inc.

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