Learning From Europe: How CHP Means Less Waste, Less Emissions and Lower Bills

April 28, 2021, 2020
learning from Europe

Featuring: Exor Montes

Learn how the European approach to CHP will provide power where utilities cannot, generate electricity for less than $0.10/kW per hour, lower carbon emissions and more.


The Future of Resource Recovery in Wastewater

March 10, 2021
Recovery in Wastewater

Featuring: Dr. Steven Conrad

Wastewater treatment plants can produce clear water, recover nutrients, and function as renewable energy centres providing natural gas, heat, electricity, and biofuels.


How Water Facilities Can Reach Energy Neutrality

Dec. 9, 2020
Energy Neutrality

Featuring: Mads Warming

Learn how digitization using sensors and VFDs has proven to help water facilities reduce leakage, save costs related to stormwater overflow, and reach energy neutrality.


How to Mitigate Ontario's Global Adjustment Fee

July 15, 2020
GA Busting

Featuring: Tilo McAlister

Learn all about Ontario's global adjustment fee, how Ontario's biggest customers cut their hydro bill in half, and the future of the Industrial Conservation Initiative.


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