Standby Generators

Keep your organizations open, your investments secure, and your people happy with our top-rate standby generators.

Prime Power

Improve your access to power, reduce energy costs and minimize your carbon footprint with our prime power solutions.

Combined Heat & Power

Experience the economic and environmental benefits of CHP: an efficient alternative to traditional power and heat supply.

Generator Service

Depend on our team of generator service experts and keep your investments safe and running for years to come.

First-Rate Generator Servicing with T&T Power Group

Our team of power generator experts service over 5000 generators across Canada every year, keeping them in top shape for years to come. We’re always ready to help when you and your generator need us.

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Commercial Power Generators

Our commercial power generators will keep your business and investments safe from the destructive effects of a power outage – and you’ll never have to worry about powering on or powering off, as everything is automatic.

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Industrial Power Generators

Our line of highly efficient and low emission Siemens power generators are available in natural gas, and designed specifically for continuous use, prime power, or as part of a cogeneration system (CHP).

Agricultural Power Generators

Our exclusive line of customized agricultural power generators will protect your valuable investments and keep your farm operations up and running during any power emergency.

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Our standby and continuous generators for rent includes diesel generators from 30 kW to 2 MW. Whether you require a generator for a few hours or a few months, we’ve got you covered with service locations across Canada.

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Installed outside of your home, our standby home generators will keep your power running during regional blackouts. These generators power on automatically within a few seconds, whether you’re inside or out of the house.

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Generator genset Service

Why CHP Is Being Embraced by More and More Industries, Big and Small

The CHP process is incredibly efficient; redirecting and repurposing the heat produced through power generation that will dramatically cut costs over time. And with a convenient abundance of natural gas availability and supply, this cleaner and dependable fuel source has become a much more viable and preferred option at a considerably lower cost.

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serious the demand for more cost-efficient power production is among manufacturers in Ontario. He explained that, on average, electrical costs account for 20% of expenses for Ontario manufacturers – and that nine out of ten manufacturers feel that their company’s electricity costs are too high.

Key Takeaways from the CM&E Energy 2019: Powering the Future Conference

This past February 26th, over 200 Ontario manufacturing leaders including our T&T Power Group attended the Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters’ Energy 2019 Powering the Future of Manufacturing Conference in Mississauga.

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Generator genset Service

7 Factors to Consider when Partnering with a Generator Service Provider

Many so called generator service companies are simply mechanics that service the engine and have no understanding of the business end of the gen-set or the switch gear, so these critical parts are never serviced.

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