Motor Control Centres

Traditional MCCs and Customer Motor Control Panels

Our Motor Control Solutions can optimize your rotating equipment and increase efficiency.

Traditional Motor Control Centres (MCCs)

With Years of experience designing and integrating MCCs for a variety of industrial and water/wastewater applications, we understand both the challenges you face and the high level of performance you expect.

Our standard MCCs are designed and manufactured to meet the needs of the modern facility and deliver efficient, reliable motor control in the environmental conditions they'll face every day.

 Low & Medium Voltage Drives

 Proven Components

 Off-the-shelf designs

 Great for Standard Applications

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traditional motor control centre (MCC)
Custom motor control panel (MCP)

Custom Motor Control Panels (MCPs)

When footprint is limited and a traditional Motor Control Centre doesn't fit, we can design and build a custom Motor Control Panel tailored for the space as it is now. Using our high-quality industrial enclosures, we have complete flexibility to modify the height, width and depth of the lineup. 

By stocking the enclosure panels in-house, we can offer a tailored motor control solution faster and for a lower cost than an MCC.

 Custom Dimensions

 Faster Delivery

 Lower Cost

 Modular Design

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40 YEARS of Design Expertise with Nation-Wide Support 

Ten Locations to Serve You


Nothing matters more than the safety of our customers and our staff. Our motor controls meet or exceed all relevant standards.

Our components come from trusted suppliers, including your preferred manufacturers when requested.

Our team of power distribution experts make each motor control centre greater than the sum of its parts, dialed in to meet your exact needs.

Our efficient production teams and established supplier relationships position us to offer cost-effective solutions.

With our commitment to exceptional service, no matter when you need it, you can count on us night or day, nation-wide

40 years in business means our teams have the experience and expertise to deliver effective solutions in any industry.

My experience with the firm and the staff has been positive and very productive. They do what they say they will do, deliver quality product matched with very comprehensive service, warranty, and technical support, and reach out to experts within their organization, or supplier organization, when required. These people operate in daylight, transparency and technical excellence..

Miroslav Zelezny, P. Eng.
Electrical Engineer of Record, Metro Vancouver Wastewater Treatment Projects

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