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With over 40 years of experience in the electrical industry, T&T Power Group knows how to keep your electrical substations running smoothly. We inspect, service, and maintain high and medium-voltage systems to ensure reliability, safety and compliance.

Call today for a free substation visual inspection and transformer oil testing ($785 value)*, and avoid unplanned shutdowns due to preventable equipment failures. 

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T&T Power Group's High-Voltage Substation Inspection Service Includes:

Access Control and Perimeter Security

The first line of defence against unauthorized entry and environmental hazards involves assessing the condition and security of access points. Our inspectors will ensure that gates are securely locked, warning signs are visible and intact, and fences (including chain link and barbed wire) are free from rust, openings, and damage. The fence's design should also prevent animal intrusion by maintaining an appropriate mesh height.

Transformer Oil Sampling and Analysis

Transformer oil plays a crucial role in the health and efficiency of transformers within electrical substations. Our inspectors will draw oil samples from your substation transformers and have them laboratory tested, providing valuable insights into the condition and life expectancy of the equipment. 

Mechanical Protection

Physical barriers like bollards, curbs, or jersey barriers protect substation equipment from mechanical damage. Their presence and condition will be verified during the inspection, ensuring the infrastructure is safeguarded against accidental impacts from vehicles or heavy equipment.

Vegetation and Ground Coverage

Vegetation growth within the substation perimeter can pose fire risks and interfere with equipment. The gravel base should be well-maintained to cover the ground grid adequately, preventing vegetation growth and ensuring effective grounding. Our inspectors will ensure vegetation is appropriately controlled and the gravel base is in good condition.

Animal Activity

Signs of animal presence within the substation area, including nests, fur, excrement, or carcasses, signal a significant risk of equipment damage or grounding issues. These signs should prompt immediate action, ensuring the continued safety and efficiency of the substation's operations. 

Grounding and Bonding

A thorough visual check of the substation’s grounding system, including inspection wells, ground rods, and connections, is essential. All substation components should be properly connected to the ground grid, and the fencing should be intact and correctly bonded.

Equipment and Structure Condition

Inspectors will look for rust, oil leaks, and signs of physical stress or damage to equipment and structures. This includes checking for sagging supports, damaged or dirty insulators, loose or missing bolts, and signs of overheating. All moving parts should align correctly without significant air gaps.

Secondary Cables and Distribution Equipment

The condition of secondary cables and distribution equipment like service entrance electrical panels is critical. Inspectors will look for signs of overheating, damage to insulation, exposed conductors, and mechanical protection integrity. Unused openings should be sealed to prevent moisture ingress and animal activity, and the area should be free of dirt and debris.

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Why Should Transformer Oil Be Tested Annually?

Transformer oil plays a crucial role in the health and efficiency of transformers within electrical substations. Sampling and testing this oil annually are essential practices in predictive maintenance, providing valuable data points that can be trended over time.

Predict Transformer Failures

Sampling and testing transformer oil are key for early detection of contaminants that compromise insulating properties and performance.

Identify Electrical Faults

Testing transformer oil can help in the early detection of electrical faults within the transformer, such as arcing, corona discharges, and overheating.

Minimize Downtime

Unforseen transformer failures often cause extended power outages while you scramble for a temporary solution to get back on line.

Prevent Safety Hazards

Regular sampling and testing of transformer oil helps ensure the safety of the substation and the environment, avoiding costly penalties associated with non-compliance.

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