Since 1980, we've focused on building relationships, and solving problems.

While we continue to add technical capabilities and product offerings, it’s our commitment to people that hasn’t changed. 

Our customers, our team mates, and our vendors all form a community that helps to deliver quality solutions to the people who need them.  It’s these unique and impactful relationships that sets us apart from the rest.


When the Ford Motor Company began selling trucks and tractors through their existing network of car dealerships, Truck & Tractor was born.  In 1928, this new venture began the T&T story, and we’re passionately writing new pages every day.

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In 1980, T&T Diesel Power was formed with a focus on generator sets. Over the next forty years, we’ve established ourselves as Canadian Leaders in power generation equipment, offering solutions that range from small standby power generators to multi-megawatt combined heat and power solutions and everything in between.

As we grew, we saw a need to expand our capabilities to better serve our customers. With the acquisition of Hollen Controls in 2019, we added an established panel shop and a team of expert engineers and technicians extensively experienced in the water/wastewater and renewable energy industries.

In 2020, we became a national player with the acquisition of 3 Phase Power Systems (3PPS). With over twenty years in business, 3PPS is one of Canada’s top power distribution and motor control experts, having played a critical role in numerous industrial, water and wastewater infrastructure projects.

Together as one team, we have More Knowledge, More Solutions, and More Value.

Today, we move forward with a passion for helping, the experience to solve the problem, and a thankful nod to the people that built the foundation from which we are propelled.

A Higher Standard of Expert Service

Today, we place a fundamental focus on our customers’ needs.

With our unique T&T Platform Advantage, we solve the problems experienced by our customers and then share the answers with everyone across our entire customer base to deliver an even higher standard of helpful, expert service.

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Explore Some of our Case Studies

auto manufacturer

Major Auto Manufacturer

10MW of natural gas fuelled power generation can be dispatched to reduce demand from the grid during peak times. The generators save this Class A manufacturing plant millions in Global Adjustment Fees, as part of the IESO's Industrial Conservation Initiative.

arctic sands

Arctic Sands

Our client required a custom Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) solution delivered within a set timeframe, to be integrated into an E-House with its space restrictions and other limitations.


Dorssers Inc.

A need to improve power quality and reliability while still generating on-site power at an economically sensible price.




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