How Can Variable Frequency Drives Help Mitigate Problems & Ensure Efficient Resource Extraction Processes?

Within the heavy industry exists a lot of equipment requiring large amounts of energy to operate properly
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How Can Variable Frequency Drives Help Mitigate Problems & Ensure Efficient Resource Extraction Processes?
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In order to truly understand the capabilities of these processes, it really takes being a part of them first-hand, at T&T Power Group, we are here to help. If you are drawing oil from the depths of the earth’s crust, syphoning natural gases off the top of submerged oil pockets, you know that mining and processing applications require huge amounts of electricity.

Within resource extraction, one area to mitigate problems and makes these processes run smoother are Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs). when you are dealing with thousands of horses under the hood, you can understand why a controlled flow of power is crucial for the protection of equipment that is exploring the earth in search of the precious metals that our society is built upon.

Startup and shutdown are when the most significant alterations in load demand occur. When you can optimally monitor how an industrial ball mill comes online, you not only protect the facility, but you help extend the lifespan of these tremendous feats of human ingenuity with engine speed control.

From extraction, to transport, to processing; resource extraction depends on mechanical, motor-driven machinery.

Increasing efficiency of operation and lowering maintenance costs through control methods are known ways to improve machine performance. The variable frequency drive can monitor amperage requirements, giving the operators the ability to make the operation run more smoothly. Easing the strain on these components adds to the lifespan of the equipment, helping process managers reduce down time and lowering their repair costs.

The fabrication of cement is the driving force behind resource extraction. Roughly 5% of the Canadian GDP is made up from the exploration, excavation and fabrication of this material. The equipment used in these processes requires consistent, well-manufactured control components, engines, switchgear and other power distribution components. Depending your facility’s voltage, there are variable frequency drive installations for generators and motors that can help.

If space is an issue in a retrofit, the Danfoss Aqua drive is only 23” wide. This could fit in a control shed in remote locations, while these compact engineering gems can help drive your explorative business forward. there isn’t an application that does not benefit from modernization. we are looking to apply tactical advancements that help ease the strain on generation equipment while enhancing energy conservation.

At T&T Power Group, we want to help design and create solutions within your electrical processes to help you continue to transform your operation. This includes custom installations and services for your valuable heavy machinery, to help drive your business effectively.

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