What You Should Know About Switchgear

There’s more that goes into protecting your electrical equipment than you might think.
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What You Should Know About Switchgear
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Switchgear is the apparatus used for switching, controlling and protecting the electrical circuits and equipment. It also includes the combination of these switching devices with associated control, measuring, protecting, and regulating equipment.

The switchgear devices and their assemblies are used in connection with the generation, transmission, distribution, and conversion of electrical energy. Furthermore, the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) has stated that these assemblies are intended in the principle use of connection with generation, transmission, distribution, and conversion of electrical energy.

So, in a nutshell: switchgear is responsible for switching the voltage of electrical current from low, medium, or high to the level of power required.

Where can switchgear devices be used?

Where the devices can be used all depends on the supply of electricity. The devices are capable of switching electrical power to be used in transformers, motors, generators, transmission lines, as well as the networks of power for commercial, industrial or distribution systems, including residential, where low voltage switches and re-wirable fuses are used.

But what’s the difference between switches and fuses?

Within the centralized collection of circuit breakers, fuses and switches that make up switchgear, the switches and fuses each play different roles.

The difference between switches and fuses is that switches are used for opening and closing an electric circuit, while fuses are used for over-current and short-circuit protection. In such a way, every electrical device does well with a switching and a protecting device.

Furthermore, these critical components are used throughout various points of our electrical infrastructure. Utilities use switchgear to transmit high voltage across our electrical grid. In industrial sectors, they may be required to gear down their supply to suit their manufacturing processes. And finally, within commercial applications, they may need to control their power while providing protections to their required loads.

Over the years, various forms of switching and protective devices have been developed.

Thus, switchgear can be taken as a general term covering a wide range of equipment concerned with the switching, protection, and control of various electrical equipment.

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