3 Unexpected Costs of a Power Failure, and How Your Business Can Avoid Them

One simple solution will eliminate all of these risks.
9 September, 2020 by
3 Unexpected Costs of a Power Failure, and How Your Business Can Avoid Them
T&T Power Group.

With the incidence of power failures and blackouts on an ever-increasing rise, protecting your business and investments is of more importance now than ever.

Today, no business is exempt from the damage a power outage is capable of causing when a company doesn’t’ prepare for it. It isn’t a matter of if it will happen, but more so a matter of when.

With that said, here are three unexpected costs that often result from power failures, and how you can ensure this doesn’t happen to you:

1. The cost of your reputation:

When a power outage hits at the wrong place and the wrong time, an unprepared company’s reputation is put on the line.

For example, a conference centre without backup power could experience a blackout, potentially ruining a major event or celebration for a company or family. A manufacturing plant on the other hand would cease production, leading to missing deadlines for important orders and loyal customers. The list goes on – think about how your particular business would be impacted.

And now with so many consumers turning to online customer reviews to influence their purchase decision, maintaining a good reputation is extremely important for businesses.

2. The cost of damaged equipment and goods:

Power failures can permanently damage critical and expensive equipment, particularly due to electrical surges that are sparked when power is restored – and the cost to repair is often a huge setback. For some businesses, temperature changes due to power problems can spoil quality produce, which is another financial drain that could have been avoided.

3. The cost of failed security:

Guess who loves power outages? Criminals do. This is because thieves see a prime opportunity to target businesses when their surveillance equipment and security systems are down, especially in a prolonged failure or blackout. It’s unfortunate, but it happens.

Your solution is here at T&T.

All three of these unexpected costs can be eliminated by simply installing a standby power generator on-site, and the installation doesn’t need to be complicated.

Our team of power generator installation and maintenance experts at T&T Power Group can help to walk you through the whole process – from deciding on the right standby generator and fuel type for your business, to helping ensure it stays running for years to come.

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