An Introduction to Combined Heat and Power Generators

17 May, 2022 by
An Introduction to Combined Heat and Power Generators
T&T Power Group.

With so much focus being put on environmental initiatives, it’s important for businesses to understand their options for environmentally-friendly and cost effective power generation. Regulations around sustainable power sources are likely to tighten up in the future and combined heat and power generator systems offer a great alternative to expensive renewable energy sources like wind and solar.

What is ‘combined heat and power’?

Combined heat and power (CHP), or cogeneration, is a process for increasing the efficiency of power generation systems, by collecting the excess heat created during the production of electricity. This usable heat is then integrated back into the system to improve its overall output.

A great example of excess heat is the flue gas that is emitted by many power plants, which we see rising from their chimneys like smoke in the photo above. However, CHP is not limited to use in larger facilities like power plants. Combined heat and power generators can be used in everything from industrial production to government facilities to larger private homes.

Why choose a CHP or cogeneration system?

It is environmentally-friendly.

Combined heat and power generators are an ideal solution for groups that are committed to the environment and to sustainable power options. Cogeneration has already proven to be a popular choice with groups like fire stations, schools, hospitals and other health centres. CHP is well-suited to deal with the energy demands of these types of facilities and the team at T&T Power Group can build a custom solution that fits any requirement.

CHP technology is also fuel neutral, so it can be used in combination with natural gas, liquid propane, other fossil fuels, or even renewables. Choosing a combined heat and power generator is a great investment in the long-term future of both your organization and the environment.

It is cheaper than using a utility.

The biggest argument for CHP systems is their efficiency. A combined heat and power generator can decrease both your energy consumption and keep your monthly costs low. Bringing your energy supply in-house with a cogeneration system puts you in control as well. You do not need to worry about external power outages. Just remember to keep your system well-maintained, so it continues to function properly!

At T&T Power Group, finding the right power solution is more than just a matter of figuring out what matches your budget. That’s why we believe it’s important to provide environmentally friendly and cost effective options like combined heat and power (CHP) for power generation.

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