How to Maximize Your Prime Power Generation

There’s power in numbers: Get the most out of your power generation with this one simple strategy
20 December, 2021 by
How to Maximize Your Prime Power Generation
T&T Power Group.

When calculating the size of a prime power generation plant, there are two general options to be considered - and you’ll likely find yourself asking these two questions:

Should I acquire a single generator that can meet the needs of peak demands?


Should I acquire multiple generators that will meet the same criteria?

It’s certainly important to consider which of the two options will be a better choice for you and your investments now and in the long-run - and fortunately, there is one option that does reign supreme.

Our generator experts are here to explain why the latter vs. the former may be your best decision when it comes to maximizing your power generation.

Why choose the multiple generator option? 

To understand why this is the better choice for your prime generation plant, let’s explore a hypothetical example of 1MW needed for our prime power solution:

Any generator at 50% load will burn more fuel per kW/hour than a generator at 100% load - but the key is, the generator becomes much less efficient when underloaded, and the efficiency ratio between fuel burnt and energy produced drops dramatically.

Now, if you were to consider using 3 x 350 KW generators, you can shut down 1 or even 2 units for large portion of the day when the demand is well below peak - therefore you’ll have a much better usage of fuel and a greater efficiency.

It’s a no-brainer, really.

Choosing the multiple generator option also reduces the emissions your system generates, and will extend the life of your system (in hours of operations) as your generators can be off-line more often.

Listen to our experts - there are far too many advantages to choosing the multiple generator option over the single generator, and these advantages will be present over the long-term.

T&T Power Group is here to help your make the most of your power generation.

At T&T Power Group, we have the equipment and experience necessary to ensure the best solution for your prime power needs. For more information, reach out to our team of experts today.

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