Why this Ontario Manufacturer Built His Own Power Plant

26 June, 2020 by
Why this Ontario Manufacturer Built His Own Power Plant
T&T Power Group.

Here's a short story about a large manufacturer who got so fed-up with the high cost and poor quality of electricity in his area that he decided to 'Ditch the Grid' altogether.
While complete blackouts weren't uncommon, it was the increasingly frequent minor power interruptions and voltage dips that were having a devastating effect on the equipment inside the foundry. Every time these occurred, hundreds of drill bits would be snapped, costly parts damaged and precious hours would be lost sorting out the mess.


After dialogue with the local utility company failed to change anything, the business owner came to T&T Power Group with his heart set on 'Defecting from the Grid' completely in favour of owning and operating his very own power plant.

So let's take a look at the end result

An islanded natural gas-fuelled power plant capable of providing 100% of the Foundry's electricity requirements 24/7, 365 days of the year. 

Rather than relying on just 1 or 2 larger generator sets, there are 8 smaller units synchronized with a combined continuous output of up to 4MW. Not only does this improve the load following capability of the power plant, it means that 1-2 machines can be taken offline for scheduled maintenance without interfering with operations in the foundry.

The plant is now into its second year of operation, and working very well

The owner no longer has to worry about the rising cost of an increasingly unreliable electrical grid, or live in fear of the next power glitch damaging his equipment.

If you'd like to conduct a self-guided VR tour of the power plant, get in touch and we'd love to send you a link. 

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