EPC Case Study | Peak Shaving

Tier 1 Auto Parts Manufacurer

Delivering a Turnkey EPC solution to reduce demand charges.

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Located in Ontario, this Tier 1 Autoparts Manufacturer operates several large plants with very high electrical demand. As a very competitive industry participant, the company is continually looking for cost-saving measures, including innovative energy management solutions.



Major energy consumers in Ontario face steep fees for drawing electricity during peak times on the power grid through a mechanism known as the Global Adjustment. Constrained by operational needs, our client was unable to consistently lower their energy usage during these peak periods, resulting in significantly higher electricity costs compared to rivals located in other regions. 


T&T Power Group, a seasoned Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) firm, is well known for its achievements in the specialized Global Adjustment Mitigation market.  The firm is adept at designing, constructing, and managing onsite power plants for various Class A facilities. These plants enable facilities to maintain regular operations during peak times by seamlessly transitioning to 100% onsite power, avoiding any disruption. This shift from the main power grid during peak periods slashes electricity expenses by 40-70%, translating to millions of dollars annual savings.

For this project, T&T Power Group designed and constructed four power plants totalling more than 24 MW of electrical power, split across four different manufacturing facilities. Each site was comprised of a series of containerized natural gas generators with augmented emissions controls, and outdoor medium-voltage switchgear to distribute power into the facility and manage interconnection with the utility.

Setting T&T Power Group apart from other EPC companies is its capability to produce prime power generators, outdoor switchgear, and bespoke control panels in-house. This approach allows the firm to offer a more comprehensive, cost-effective equipment package in addition to the engineering and construction management elements of the project.