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T&T Power Group Receives Business Excellence Award for the Fourth Consecutive Year

The Awards presented to T&T are administered by Excellence Canada, with 22 recipients nationwide for the year 2022.

June 14, 2022

Our T&T Power Group is pleased to announced that it was recently awarded a Canadian Business Excellence Award for private business for the fourth consecutive year. “Winning this award through a period of socio-economic instability is especially rewarding,” said T&T president Tyler Van Dyke.

“It’s important that our staff and our customers are well taken care of, and that can be a really difficult task to accomplish when everything around you is changing so fast. Our team members have accepted the challenge and met it head on.” T&T Power Group’s head of strategic marketing, Tilo McAlister, also chimed in about what the award means to the company.

“It’s kind of a testament to our attempts to continually improve our business. To be kind of recognized in getting that award every year is a good marker for the fact that we’re still working hard on ourselves as a business,” said McAlister.

T&T Power Group was initially launched in 1980 under the name “T&T Diesel Power”, with a primary focus on power generators alone. Since then, the business has expanded its specialities to offer a range of power-generation equipment to customers, from small standby-power generators to multi-megawatt combined heat and power solutions.

In 2019, T&T Power acquired Hollen Controls, which expanded the company to include an established panel shop, in addition to a team of expert engineers and technicians with experience in the water/wastewater and renewable energy industries.

The following year, T&T acquired power distribution and motor control firm, 3 Phase Power Systems (3PPS). With our headquarters based in Wellesley, Ontario, our T&T Power Group now consists of 150 employees in 10 offices, including locations like Vancouver, Edmonton, Saskatoon, Toronto, Montreal and Moncton. “In an industry where there’s lots of competition, we really just focus on problem solving for our customers,” continued McAlister.

“So while we do offer very standard solutions, we really shine when we get to be a little bit more creative and address some, maybe some unique circumstances and come up with a totally custom solution.”

The organization’s website states that “This special designation recognizes businesses from all industries that demonstrate a strategic approach to successfully improving performance and achieving goals”.

Canadian companies are eligible for the award if they have been operating for at least three years with more than $1 million in revenue - and contrary to a competition, businesses are evaluated on their own merit and judged with consideration from three categories: delighted customers, engaged employees, and innovation.

McAlister says that what makes T&T Power Group stand out in particular is the company’s commitment to innovation.

“When we’re successful it’s because we’re innovating something and offering something a little bit different from what our customers might be able to get from other providers,” said McAlister. “So I think innovation is as much a part of our culture as it is a part of our operations. We definitely focused a lot of our energy on innovation within our own teams.” “Our people are innovative, flexible, and focused on what’s important, and they have made all the difference. It’s a pleasure to be a part of their team,” added Van Dyke.


The Canadian Business Excellence Awards is a national award that recognizes private-owned businesses from all industries that demonstrate a strategic approach to successfully improving their business performance and achieving their goals. Awards recipients are evaluated and benchmarked on their own merit against the Awards criteria. The Awards Adjudication Committee is composed of business experts from leading organizations including BC Business Magazine, CEO Global Network, Carleton University, CBC, CPA Canada, MaRS, and Excellence Canada. For more information on the CBEA, visit


Founded in 1992 by John Perry, Excellence Canada is a none-profit organization that specializes in the training, implementation, and certification of organizational excellence in Canada.

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