500 kW CHP Generator | Continuous 347/600V



500 kW CHP Generator | Continuous 347/600V


  • Condition
  • Power Rating
  • Voltage (AC)
  • Electrical Output (kWe)
  • KVA
  • Amps
  • Power Factor
  • Engine Make
  • Engine Model
  • Fuel
  • Fuel Consumption (btu/hr)
  • Controller
  • Enclosure Type
  • Sound Rating (dB @ 7m)
  • Length (mm)
  • Width (mm)
  • Height (mm)
  • Weight (kg)
  • Manufacturer
  • Product Series
  • Combustion Type
  • Emissions Control
  • Emissions Level
  • Heat Recovery Package
  • SEO Continuous Rating

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T&T Power Group's 500 kW Combined Heat and Power (CHP) generator package features a reliable Rich Burn Guascor Energy Gas Engine, and can be configured to run on most gaseous fuels including natural gas, renewable natural gas, propane or biogas. This cogeneration system is ideal for greenhouse, healthcare, industrial, and other applications with a significant thermal load.

This generator set is available with a continuous power rating and heat recovery package. This product is highly customizable and the specifications included here are a sample only, and may differ from the final shop drawing package.

About T&T Power Group Generators
T&T Power Group is proudly 100% Canadian owned and operated. Our generators are manufactured in Canada from foreign and domestic parts, and are available with our industry-leading 10-Year Warranty. We offer standard designs as well as custom generators built to your spec.

About Combined Heat & Power Generators
Whereas conventional power generators convert a fuel into electricity only, Combined Heat and Power Generators (CHP) generate both electricity and heat from a single fuel source. Heat exchangers recover heat from coolant and exhaust systems that would otherwise be wasted and convert the thermal energy into hot water or steam. A well designed CHP system can increase overall efficiency from less than 40% to over 90%, provided there is a use for the thermal energy available onsite.

About Continuous Power Ratings
The Continuous Power rating is the maximum power available from the generator set to energize a constant electrical load profile for an unlimited number of hours per year, with the following limitation per the ISO 8528-1 Standard:

  1. Load factor not to exceed 100% of the Continuous Power Rating
Continuous Power generators are frequently used to generate base-load power in parallel with the utility, or as the primary source of power in off-grid areas.
Condition New
Power Rating Continuous
Voltage (AC) 347/600
Electrical Output (kWe) 535
KVA 625
Amps 644.2678227360308
Power Factor 0.8
Engine Make Guascor Energy
Engine Model SGE-36SR
Fuel Natural Gas
Fuel Consumption (btu/hr) - -
Controller Deap Sea 7310
Enclosure Type Containerized, Sound-Attenuated, Weatherproof
Sound Rating (dB @ 7m) 75
Length (mm) 9145
Width (mm) 2440
Height (mm) 2600
Weight (kg) - -
Manufacturer T&T Power Group
Product Series CHP
Combustion Type Rich Burn
Emissions Control 3-Way catalyst
Emissions Level NOx: 0.1 g/bHP-hr, CO: <0.2 g/bHP-hr, VOC: <0.2 g/bHP-hr
Heat Recovery Package Included
SEO Continuous Rating 500
10-Year Warranty Overview.pdf
Low Price Guarantee.pdf