Power Distribution: GE Circuit Breakers

In any industrial process, a balance must be achieved between safety and performance.

Our range of genuine GE circuit breakers provides reliable circuit and equipment protection while preserving selective coordination and mitigating the risk of arc flash and other hazards.

You no longer have to choose between safety and performance. With T&T Power Group, you can have it all.




NEMA Motor Starter and Protection:

At the core of the Evolution Series E9000 is GE’s 300-Line motor starters – non-reversing, reversing, two speed and combination forms in NEMA sizes 1-6. Solid State Reduced-Voltage Starters: ASTAT Plus starters deliver smooth stepless motor acceleration or deceleration by gradually increasing voltage from a preset level to full voltage over a selected time period.

Programmable Logic Control:

Evolution E9000 motor control centres take the next step in supporting automation control with the family of GE Fanuc programmable logic controllers.

Pilot Devices:

CR104P pilot devices which come in every conceivable form deliver a high-class appearance and reliable operation.

Circuit Protection:

The scope of circuit protection offered in Evolution Series E9000 motor control centres is broad enough to meet every need. From among the Mag-Break and Spectra RMS motor circuit protectors, heavy-duty fusible disconnects, high pressure contact switches and the rugged and reliable PowerBreak II insulated case breakers, you’ll find the specific protection your system requires.

microEntelliGuard Trip Unit:

SG600 and SK1200 are optionally available with the microEntelliGuard trip unit, which offers expanded functionality in the same space-saving size of standard Spectra RMS breakers.

EntelliGuard TU Trip Unit

Standard in Powerbreak II breakers and offers optimum circuit protection and system reliability simultaneously, with little or no compromise to either of these critical functions. With its optional Reduced Energy Let-Through Setting (RELT), the system protects at HRC1 or 2 for available fault currents as high as 100kA.

Integrated Transient Voltage Surge Suppressor:

TVSS components ensure the smoothing of spikes and inherent noise in utility/generator power flowing through your control centre.

Adjustable Frequency Drives:

AF-600 FP: AC drives are ideal for variable torque loads such as fans, pumps and compressors. Commands from the keypad or facility management system – along with pre-loaded motor parameters – make for quick and easy installation.

AF-650 GP: These drives offer flexibility across a range of constant torque applications. They employ process control systems that make any task simple and profitable, and they can be configured to operate in a flux vector control mode.

Multilin MM200, MM300 and LM10 Motor Management Relays:

The MM200 and MM300 provide the latest technology in motor protection and control found in high-end protection relays. The Multilin LM10 Relay provides power monitoring and advanced motor protection via DeviceNet communications protocol.

And Much More:

Evolution Series E9000 motor control centres are available with a variety of other GE products and equipment including: GE Zenith Automatic Transfer Switches, Operator and Metering Panels, Relay Panels, Lighting and Distribution Panelboards, Distribution Transformers, and Power Factor Correction Capacitors.



Evolution’s Minimum 65KAIC Bus Bracing Standard:

Provides customers with the ability to expand as their system requirements grow.

Seismic Rating:

Certified to IBC-2006 3D shake table testing and qualified to the seismic requirements of IEEE-693-2005.

Plug-In Starters to Size 5:

Customers can now plug GE Starters up to Size 5, allowing easy installation and removal. In addition, Size 5 starters have been reduced to 36″ high, so two can now fit in a single MCC section

Plug-In Feeder Circuit Breakers Now up to 600A:

GE’s largest selection of plug-in feeders in the Industry provides customers increased flexibility to quickly move buckets.

Drives Rated to 100 KAIC:

GE’s drives are rated to 100KAIC without fuses, saving customers footprint and additional expense.

Multilin MM200, MM300, LM10 MotorManagement Relays:

The newest options for the Evolution Series E9000 MCC are the Multilin MM200 and MM300 protection relays. They provide the latest technology in motor protection and control found in high-end protection relays. The features are suitable for process applications requiring varying levels of diagnostics and control; for critical applications requiring remote monitoring; and for high-speed control on a network separate from data acquisition. The two new relays are offered in addition to the existing LM10.

Integrated Transient Voltage Surge Suppressor:

GE TVSS components ensure the smoothing of spikes and inherent noise in utility/generator power flowing through your motor control centre.

Snap-In Shelving:

No bracket screws required for shelving; snap-in shelves allow buckets to be easily moved

Special Paint Options:

GE can provide a variety of paint options to meet your industrial needs.


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