What to Look For in a Power Generator Warranty

Your generator is a serious long-term investment - here’s your guide to selecting your coverage contract wisely.
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What to Look For in a Power Generator Warranty
T&T Power Group.

When it comes to warranties, the last thing any genset owner needs is surprises.

Whether it be for emergency standby power, continuous or prime power generation, the purchase of your power generator is a significant long-term investment. You deserve the very best with your ownership experience - and a fundamental component to this is your generator’s warranty. With that being said, there are a number of criteria that should be taken into consideration when choosing the right warranty for your standby generator.

Let’s take a look at the essential factors you should be weighing into your decision:

True bumper-to-bumper coverage:

A good generator warranty should cover all parts, without any exclusions. However, many warranties are limited and exclude specific parts that may need to be replaced during the term of the warranty - leaving you out of pocket should anything go awry.

Make sure your generator warranty is truly and completely bumper-to-bumper - providing coverage for every single part and piece of equipment that you may potentially need replaced, outside of standard consumables like oil for lubrication. 

Failures can be catastrophic:

The process of turning fuels like natural gas or diesel into electricity through a series of controlled explosions is complex, and lots can go wrong. Failure or breakdown of just a single part in a generator can result in a complete loss of function and damage to the unit which cannot be repaired. This is known as a catastrophic failure, and could leave you facing the full expense of a new generator if you are without the proper coverage.

In the event of a catastrophic failure due to any mechanical breakdown or electrical failure within the equipment, a good warranty should cover the complete removal and replacement of your generator. Even the best warranties however, won't cover damage to the unit resulting from outside factors like weather, vehicle impacts or fires not caused by the generator.

Think long term:

Commercial and industrial power generators are expected to work for a decade or more, but the industry standard offers just two years of protection - and in some cases, only several months. Considering the large investment required to purchase one, you should be thinking much more long-term with your warranty coverage.

For a standby generator that only turns on several times a year, a two-year warranty simply doesn’t represent many actual running hours, with breakdowns rarely even occurring within this period. While prime and continuous generators may see many more running hours over a two year period, they are engineered to be far more robust and also would rarely experience breakdowns within that window of time.

For these reasons, a 10-year warranty is far more valuable and is not just protecting you against defects that ought to have been caught by quality control at the factory. At T&T Power Group, a decade of warranty coverage is surprisingly affordable and comes at only a marginal cost increase over the industry standard 2-year coverage. 

Track record:

Get your warranty from a trusted company with a verifiable track record, that you know will still be around for the duration of your generator’s lifespan. After all, what good is a long-term warranty if they are out of business by the time something goes wrong!

With 40 years operating in the power generator industry, T&T Power Group truly understands the importance of worry-free generator ownership - which is why we "standby" our generators for a full decade. Our 10-year warranty provides true bumper-to-bumper coverage including catastrophic failures, along with 24/7 service & support from our team of generator experts.
We work closely with suppliers that have already stood the test of time, with a long track record and solid reputations that will never leave you stuck with a faulty generator.

Talk to a T&T Power Group team member today to learn more about our industry-leading 10-year warranty, or visit our warranty page for more information.

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